Concord High School

This challenging addition/renovation project expanded an existing Cafeteria, renovated an existing Auditorium, and modified existing Classrooms to bring them into compliance with current building codes. The existing school, originally constructed in 1967, already exceeded allowable building areas, and early in the Design phase it was determined this project could only be completed under the NC Rehabilitation Code. Through close collaboration with local building officials, the design was completed in less than 6 months and the project was bid in November 2011.

The project renovated approximately 24,000 square feet on two floors, and added approximately 2,500 square feet of new construction. The Cafeteria was expanded by enclosing an existing exterior courtyard, located in the center of the school, and the existing Cafeteria was completely renovated. The school’s existing two-story Auditorium was also completely renovated, including the installation of 350 fixed seats, construction of a lighting/sound control room, new finishes, new lighting and HVAC, and modifications to the stage and seating areas to make them accessible.

The Design Team worked closely with the school system to arrive at a design solution that included construction phasing to allow construction access to the courtyard in the center of the school with minimum disruption to ongoing operations.

  • Project Type: Addition/Renovation
  • Year Completed: 2012