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A Fond Farewell to Susan Moore

Home News A Fond Farewell to Susan Moore
July 10, 2024

Today, Morris-Berg Architects marks the retirement of Susan Moore, our Office Manager, who has served the firm for 47 years.

Throughout her tenure, Susan has been integral to our firm’s operations, contributing significantly to our growth and adapting to numerous technological advancements. Her commitment to excellence has ensured our clients consistently received top-tier service, leaving a lasting impact on the legacy of Morris-Berg Architects.

Susan’s expertise and meticulous attention to detail have been instrumental in navigating the complex innerworkings of Morris-Berg. She has fostered a work environment that is both productive and nurturing, making her an irreplaceable part of our team. Her ability to seamlessly handle countless responsibilities with grace and efficiency has left an indelible mark.

Happy Retirement, Susan! You will always be a cherished member of the Morris-Berg family.