Tom Gragnano



Tom’s experience in design and construction spans a period of 30 plus years. He entered the field of architecture through a non-traditional, field experience path. He became registered as an Architect in New York State in 2002. His background is one of great diversity, some of which includes work on public schools, colleges, high-rise residences, institutional facilities, industrial processes, medical facilities, places of worship, offices, and mission critical spaces. For several years he enjoyed his unique role as a designer for an international volunteer organization, and this experience broadened his view of architecture and construction on a multi-cultural scale allowing him to work on projects in several foreign countries.

Tom has always had a strong interest in sustainable design and the associated building technology. He recently participated in AIA 2030 Challenge seminars and later served on the AIA Charlotte 2030 Challenge Committee.   Since his move to Charlotte and Morris-Berg Architects in 2004, his career has focused on the planning and design of K-12 and Community College facilities. In addition to this, his recent experience includes several recent projects with a Fortune 250 Energy Company.