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Zachary Harper

Zach Harper

Zachary Harper

Associate AIA, NOMA

Zach received his Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Technology from State University of New York before moving to Colorado for to follow his dreams of living in the Rocky Mountains while expanding his knowledge of the natural environment.  There, he learned about environmental and stormwater mitigation models. Following this phase of his career, he decided to move to Charlotte in 2022 to be closer to family and in this transition became a member of the Morris-Berg team.  Zach comes from a lineage of educators and is aware of the role quality educational spaces have on children, staff and the community.

Zach’s experience with consulting companies has built his depth of understanding and implementation of policies and procedures for effective teamwork, across both in-person and virtual platforms. He has a keen eye for design and graphics and a passion for improving the built environment.  Zach brings a unique understanding of the acoustical detailing of buildings, in particular with theatrical and performance spaces.  He also has interests in urban spaces that positively encourage civic engagement.

Volunteerism and helping to resolve urban issues such as access to fresh produce in food-deserts is a key part of how Zach spends his personal time.  He is involved with the Rosa Parks Farmers Market in Charlotte and through this participation has learned how communities can leverage advanced food production systems. Through this, the market is able to impact the community by decreasing its dependencies on external food sources.  

  • Favorite Animal: Fish are some of my favorite animals, I love observing them in nature and in aquariums.
  • Favorite Sport: I love watching different disciplines of motorsports. Since moving to Charlotte, I have begun to learn and enjoy stock car racing.