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Emergency Equipment Warehouse and ITS Facility

Emergency Equipment Warehouse and ITS Facility

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Morris-Berg Architects was commissioned by the Cabarrus County Office of Infrastructure and Asset Management to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study for the potential construction of a new building at the current EMS #2 Station site, situated at 380 North Carolina 49 in Concord. This proposed structure centralizes the storage of vehicles and equipment for various County departments, previously dispersed across different locations throughout the County. The feasibility study delved into essential aspects including building code compliance, zoning regulations, and stormwater management, ensuring adherence to all pertinent regulations. Moreover, it thoroughly assessed Fire Protection, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical requirements tailored to the specific needs of the proposed facility. Additionally, the study offered preliminary insights into construction costs, informing decision-making processes. Following the completion and presentation of the feasibility study, Morris-Berg Architects was selected to assist with the design and implementation of the project. Cabarrus County opted to co-locate this facility adjacent to the County’s Fleet Maintenance and Operations Center, a project also designed by Morris-Berg Architects. Spanning 29,500 square feet, this new building will encompass storage facilities for Sheriff’s Department and EMS vehicles occupying 17,500 square feet, alongside serving as the headquarters for the County’s ITS department.

Shared workplace concepts are incorporated into the office spaces to assist with collaboration; conference and break rooms are positioned between departments to promote cross collaboration and eliminate redundancy of program spaces.  A mission control room set in the core of the building serves as a space where Countywide critical issues are worked through that require multiple department input.

Warehouse space is strategically located so that technology built into vehicles can be services by the ITS department.  Eleven bays store County emergency equipment, from golf carts to SWAT vehicles.